Class, Winners, and Breed Competition-AKC system

Class dogs are judged in classes against other dogs of the same sex - open, puppy, bred-by-exhibitor, American-bred, novice - are just a few. Classes can also be divided by age (as in puppy) or color. When the judge awards first place in a class that dog
advances to the Winners competition of its sex.

During the Winners competition, the judge re-examines all the dogs that have received first place in the classes and picks an overall winner - Winners Dog for males and Winners Bitch for females. Although you may have beaten several dogs in the classes, championship points are only awarded to Winners Dog and Winners Bitch. No points are awarded for class wins or Reserve Winners.

Your Winners Dog or Winners Bitch can also win points in the Best of Breed competition.  

Best of Breed consists of dogs that have already received their championship.  

Winners Dog and Winner Bitch also compete with the champions in Best of Breed. 

There are three possible awards your dog can receive at this dog show:

Best of Breed - Awarded to the best dog in the Best of Breed competition
Best of Opposite Sex - Awarded to the best dog of the opposite sex to the Best of Breed winner
Best of Winners - Awarded to the best dog between Winners Dog and Winners Bitch


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