This update is comes after speaking with Dr Keller in July of 2006.

This is a summary of the vertebral anomalies presented in September 2004 at the French Bulldog National show. The summary data reflects the evaluation of 245 dogs.

1. Thoracic hemivertebra are the most frequent.
2. 81% of the dogs had 5 or less vertebra anomalies
3. 70% of the anomalies were between T5 and T9
4. 76% had 3 or less contiguous anomalies

To date the pilot study has 511 dogs and of these 37 dogs have normal spines.

Through 2005 there has been 354 French Bulldogs submitted for hip evaluation. The cumulative hip status is as follows:

Excellent: 0.9%

Good: 33.3%

Fair: 31.4%

Mild: 19.2%

Moderate: 10.5%

Severe: 2.8%

Cardiac 289 all normal

Elbow Dysplasia 143 1.4% dysplastic

Patella 394 4.1% affected

Thyroid 55 90.9% normal


G.G. Keller, D.V.M., MS

Diplomate ACVR

Chief of Veterinary Services